Friday, March 26, 2010

Farm to Table!

I spent the better part of the day at a Farm to Table conference in Pittsburgh! So much information. I gained so my knowledge! For example: I always new that Crisco is not a whole food.. Meaning it is a substitute for a whole food.. that being Butter and Lard. So, what makes this product? Cotton Seed! So, my question is why is it then called vegetable shortening! Cotton must be a vegetable, right! So, the journey continues... striving to providing whole foods which have been minimally processed! The road that I have chosen to take on the journey is to provide my children with a better understanding of food! If only we new what we know now! Sound familiar. As I continue on this journey these are some questions that I will be seeking answers to...
1. Soy... What affect does this item have on my children, particular my son who drinks soymilk and consumes soy based products as a substitute for dairy products. Is rice milk really the next best thing, or will this too lead to future medical challenging ordeals!!!
2. Is raw milk the way to go... or is buying Organic milk enough?
3. Where does my real food challenge begin and end... What items am I willing to continue to purchase already prepared... If I can make it, within a reasonable amount of time, is that the deciding factor?
4. How can I minimize the amount of time preparing food and still provide a whole food diet for my family? Is it reasonable to say that I will focus each month on preserving food, making (homemade) mixes for quicker preperation time, buying food in larger quantites and freezing what cannot be used within a reasonable time period, and develop a garden plan to better serve my family!

Lots of things to consider on this journey of food. Till another day!


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