Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Facing the Challenge!

It is difficult today, in this world around us, to be different. Who would have thought 100 years ago, people would be saying, just buy a mix, or you can buy that already prepared! The one thing that I hope this blog does for others (and myself) is the opportunity to share recipes/ formulas which are prepared from scratch. I was talking with some friends and found it to be astonishing that they do not have basic baking ingredients in their kitchens. Really! I am working on a basic pantry list to share. What a great delight it is to challenge ourselves to make foods that are healthier and tastier for our families (and friends).

Below is a preperation list. This list is for you to use while you are in the kitchen. If you do not already prepare scratch foods at home, this list will help you in preparing your kitchen.

1. Keep a shopping list on the refrigerator or in the kitchen to compile items which need to be purchased. ~ I keep my list on the refrigerator with a pencil to help keep my pantry stocked.

2. Do you already have ingredients in your kitchen for baking? If so, check your dates / quality. I am not suggesting you go to your pantry and throw everything away, but if it has been a year since you have used your flour............???? All food items have a shelf life. Whether it is for quality or dates, foods expire.
Note: If you still have the white cans from McCormick spices / herbs in your pantry...McCormick stopped production of this container over 10 years' ago.

3. Locate a local food supply store. Challenge yourself to find a local farm market / farm to purchase several pantry items along with eggs, chicken, meats, produce. I have a few that I enjoy shopping at: Frankferd Farms (Saxonburg, PA) East End Food Coop (Pittsburgh), Butler Farm market, local Amish bulk food stores. Larger chain food stores also provide organics foods, and specialty foods.

4. Repurpose and old binder or box to make a recipe holder. I have a book that I keep recipes that I have used for years in my kitchen, in addition I have a file box for those impromptu recipes / formulas that I create. In addition, I have a software program on my computer to keep all of my recipes organized. Make sure to have paper / index cards available to write new recipes / formulas on.


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