Sunday, January 2, 2011

Free! Smart School Time Recipes

I received a Nextbook for Christmas this year. Which by the way I really wish I could twitch my nose and my entire library of cookbooks would appear within the ereader. I know big wish! I will wait (patiently).

Of course, for most people they downloaded their favorite novel to read. I did not. I downloaded a FREE cookbook. This particular book is a collection of recipes that were developed by various women on their blogs. All brought together for our enjoyment.

I highly recommend this ebook. I downloaded the book from If you do not have an ereader, check with Borders or other bookstores for an app for your PC, phone, or IPad.

In addition to the fabulous recipes offered in this ebook. I have gained further knowledge of other food blogs dealing with various dietary constraints.

So go and enjoy, and along the way check out this book. Let's face it, a cookbook can be a quick read and it is FREE! :)



  1. Nice lead on the cookbook. You are right, so many blogger leads in there too! Thanks